Monday, September 12, 2016

Mix It Up Monday

It's Mix it Up Monday on the Paper Issues blog.  Orange always has a great idea to spark the mixed media challenge.  This month it's all about using scraps or creating mixed media and then punching shapes or borders out from it to add texture and depth to your pages or background!  
Here's the process I used for this project.  I started with two 12x12 white cardstock papers.  I added gesso all over one and on the second one, I just added gesso to the middle of the page.

  I used the packaging technique to layer the watercolors and added splats.  Next, I started the background page.  I did the straw blowing on opposite sides of the paper to ensure that most was dry before adding more watercolors nearby. That keeps it from getting muddy looking with too many colors blending.  I kept working inward to the yellow and green.  As it dried, I layered more paint and used the straw to add more lines of paint in both directions.
My preschooler loves dressing up or being silly. He modeled these star glasses this summer.  He definitely knows how to make me smile!  Who says Crate Paper's Cute Girl has to be just for girls??  I had fun making it work for a boy page! The last step was punching out all of the stars grouping them by color, and sewing them down!
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